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essential in brief


Sachverständigenbüro Dr. Stelter - the essentials in brief

My office has been present in the Berlin-Brandenburg market, in particular, since 1990/1991.
The main focus of our professional experience is on rental valuation for residential and commercial space.
Among our clients are not only private persons and the Berlin courts of law but also numerous national and international companies - banks, insurance companies, industrial companies, and international service providers (in particular of the real estate business).

The activities of my office are based on my core competence as a rental valuation expert. I am an expert for rentals of properties and buildings, publicly appointed and sworn by the Industrie- und Handelskammer (Chamber of Industry and Commerce), which is the highest achievable quality standard in Germany.

As such, I am required to perform the major part of my services as a valuation expert in person, in particular for the courts. Thus, my office is a lean business: Consisting of only a small team of long-term staff members with special competence, we are part of a highly efficient network of Berlin and German valuation experts, real estate brokers and service providers, and also have access to all administrative bodies in charge.

I am a member of the Gutachterausschuss für Grundstückswerte in Berlin (Berlin Committee of Property Valuation Experts), the work group Berliner Mietspiegel (Berlin Rental Table), the work group "Commercial Rents" of the Industrie- und Handelskammer and head of the specialist group on rental valuation of the Association of Sworn Experts of Berlin-Brandenburg.

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